Prem-La: Authentic Himalayan Artifacts

Boston and New England’s Preeminent Source for Himalayan Art and Culture

Now in its 30th year of service, Prem-La provides all the wonders of the Himalayas to the people of the Boston area and the rest of the United States. An extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff makes sure that with each purchase you get exactly what you are looking for and always leave Prem-La better informed than when you entered.

Crossing the threshold of Prem-La, you are transported to a new world; the world of ancient Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Tibet; the world of ceremonial ritual and crafts created just as they were centuries upon centuries ago.

You are surrounding by statues, Tankas, and prayer flags. Hand-woven carpets, genuine instruments, and incense. All of the products sold at Prem-La are genuine articles, produced by the people of Nepal and the Himalayas, bought at fair prices from their creators, and passed on to you.

No trip to Boston is complete until you have seen all the wonders that Prem-La. Please come see us, or feel to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

Dear Value Patrons of Prem -La:

Season’s greeting from Prem –La the Art of the Himalayan Region!

Namaste and Tah-shi de-leh!

First of all let me start of by saying - Thank you! For trusting us to be your source and providing you all with the wonders of the Himalayan Region for the last 40 years. Of course we appreciate your shopping at our store and have missed you all since our store on Newbury Street has been closed due to construction.   We have missed seeing you all, and have been overwhelmed by phone calls to continue our valuable connection and relationship with our Dharma family, mediator and close net friends.  Therefore, we have opened a small show room and mediation center at the basement of 22 Columbus Avenue. Cambridge, MA which will help us to stay connected with our spiritual family.  

You all know that for the last 40 years Prem-La has provided all of the wonders of the Himalayan Region to New England and the rest of America.    Crossing the threshold of Prem-La our patrons are transported to a Land of Shangri-La or Land of Buddha.  You are surrounded by beautifully  hand crafted,  statues of Buddha, Ganesh, and hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist icons, hand painted Thankas, Prayer Flags, Hand knotted woolen Carpets, Hand Hammer Singing Bowls and Tibetan healing Incenses, which are produce by Tibetan refugees, endogenous women and Nepalese artisan.  Handicrafts of Nepal is produced in a traditional way, from generations to generations leading the footpath of ancestor or from forefather to grandfather to father and to son and this continuity has given the survival to Nepalese handicraft.  Your support has helped to preserve this heritage.


As a token of our appreciation to our valued Patrons and Friends for the Holiday seasons 

Prem –La cordially invite you come and celebrate the “Holiday Season in the Himalayan” at our show room

Location:    22 Columbus Avenue, Cambridge Ma. 02140 Dates     :     December 21 – 24, 2016.
Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Refreshments served.


Please call Pralhad at 781 -698 -7950, email:
 Or Prudence at 781 -439- 8033, email: for an appointments.

We look forward seeing you soon.

Pralhad KC